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Summer fades to gold, and red and yellow…

With summer saying good-bye and fall now officially here we are deadheading garden flowers in hope of one last hoorah, harvesting, canning and working as we did for summer’s arrival.

Sore chapped hands, tired muscles and dry skin will be our trouble before the forced air heat arrives to further dry us out. On the inside, we can hydrate but we also need to remember our skin.

My nourishing line of skin care products will moisturize from head to toe. Check out my Hempseed cream for a natural way to cleanse and super moisturize deeply leaving no oily residue. Considered a skin food. hemp oil contains fatty acids and vitamins our skin needs to remain healthy and supple.

Body lotion formulated with sunflower oil, cocoabutter and sheabutter will lightly cover you body in happiness leaving a selected light scent.

Peppermint foot cream after a long barefoot summer will restore those tired tootsies.

Rub on warming muscle rub to relieve the pains and ache of your over worked body. It will thank you in the morning!

Browse my nourishing line and stop by the country shop if you are in my neck of the woods!

happy Fall!


Muscle Rub to the Rescue!

We are not quite out of the woods yet. Old man Winter has returned and we are feeling those same old pings and pangs of sore muscles and stuffy noses for just awhile more. I happen to have the very best time tested products to help get you through the Spring Blues.

If you are stuffy, cold-ridden or allergy congested please try my Breathe Easy spray. Just a spritz in the closed house air will not only open your nasal passages to better breathing but the peppermint and eucalyptus oils  have an added benefit of antiseptic properties. I have many customers who not only use it as a room freshener but also as a surface disinfectant.

If headaches from stress or allergies bother you I highly suggest my Headache Blend Oil. It is a blend of peppermint and lavender essential oils in a light coconut oil base roll-on. I personally use mine for my seasonal allergies(yes, I am a herbalist who suffers from seasonal allergies) which tend to bring on migraines. This is a shop best seller.

After a day of cleaning up from the ravages of Winter, gardening or anything that stresses your muscles, try my Muscle Rub in it’s convenient rub-on tube. Formulated with St. John’swort, a natural analgesic used for centuries in healing and pain relief. I tested this wonderful product extensively and formulated the final solid  salve over 15 years ago. It is made naturally using St. John’swort warmed with a capsaicin infusion and ginger along with other essential oils known for their analgesic properties. It is not that tell-tale muscle cream scent, Oh no! This is a nice herbal-spicy light scent that does not linger but simply rubs into your sore muscles letting the century old properties St John’swort is known for to do its magic work. Another product I can barely keep stocked on my shop shelves! A real winner according to many happy clients.

Happy Spring and Green Blessings!