Spring Has Sprung!

May 3, 2014 | Thoughts | 0 comments

The Spring finally arrived after an unusually cold and long winter.

I am not sorry to be free of stocking the old stove with wood and wearing woolens and yes, even a hat to bed! Our ancestors did this and now I understand why as keeping one’s bean warm does indeedkeep the body warmer. The herb and flower gardens survived with the exception of a very old and mature sage bush. I felt as if I lost an old friendand since it appears to have a few green leaves on one small branch I a not giving up on it. Patience can be hard but at times worth the wait.

Since the summer has been blessed with an abundance of insects that bite I have expanded my Shoo! line to include a solid rub on stick and an oil based repellant for skin as well as my usual spray for clothing, head, hair and places one would not want oil. I can honestly say ithas been tried and tested by myself as well as loyal customers who say it only needs reapplication after extreme sweating or several hours outside.

I also have my popular Skin Soother for overly sun drenched skin as well as anyone feeling the natural over heated dermis from hot flashes. Along with my lavender linen spray I have the lavender sheet and body powder. It makes your night’s slumber heaven when temps and humidity rise.

My new herbal~natural deodorant has been flying off the shelves and folks who have kept diligent with it’s use for the initial two weeks required for the body to accustom itself with no chemical antiperspirant are finding they actually sweat less and have no odor. Mine is very close to one found in health food stores and at half the price!

I look forward to days spent in the gardens and evenings on the old front porch watching fireflies and sunsets.

Please enjoy this long awaited summer and stop on in to say hello!

Blessings from the country hill


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