Solitude and Gratitude

Nov 30, 2020 | Thoughts | 0 comments

For many 2020 was a year of great difficulty. My own lifestyle is one of country hill living where I spend my days working the gardens that feed my herbal business and our own table. I don’t usually travel further than the town grocery in the valley anyway  so the Covid limitations really only affected my business in the closing of my shop to foot traffic. It was a hard decision but we have family members who would be at risk so we made the decision to only have front chest pick up and mail order until further notice.

I have utilized my relaxing products like my lavender soap, lotion, hand cream, heart ease and evening repose tea blends to promote balance and calm in a negative world. I highly recommend these for you or anyone you know who may benefit by my natural products.

On this holiday I wish for each and every one of you serenity and hope for a healthy and happy 2021!



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