Dream Tea


Dream Tea

Based on an ancient formula reputed to evoke clear and colorful dreams easily recalled. A refreshingly light minty flavor makes the perfect nightcap. Keep a dream diary and pen handy on your nightstand to scribe your dreams as soon as you wake lest you forget.

This item pairs well with my dream pillow for added magic and makes a lovely gift.

Peppermint, Rosemary, chamomile, gotu kola, mugwort, damiana and rose petals

Herbal Tea Blends

$3.50 oz


Throughout the centuries herbs have been infused into tea (tisanes) for medicinal and magical purposes. Based on each herbs reputed properties, I have hand blended organically grown herbs into tasty special purpose blends that are a favorite in my country shop. My years of herbal research and education has helped in my formulations blending each tea taking into account both purpose and flavor. Herb teas contain no caffeine.  I make no claims to healing, only the good taste and comfort derived from herbal joy. I do not add sweeteners but offer organic Stevia leaf herb in the tea listing for natural sweetness if your pallet so desires.


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